Career miracles 

Last night, my beautiful queen of a friend came over, and as usual, we spent hours upon hours, chatting about the future. 

She started to tell me about a dream she had, in this dream, she was telling me to become a lawyer. Telling me that being a lawyer would be the perfect job for me.

As she was telling me this, I realised that this was something that I’d always dreamt of, I have such a passion for righteousness and justice. I feel fire surrounding me when I think of defending a cause that means something. 

This may be a new step, who knows, this is a continuous flow of love and hope. 
Jade X 


How to react in a tough situation 

Today, I came home to spend time with my family for Easter. Now, my family and I have a strange relationship, as most people do! 

But tonight, we found out that our brand new family car had been keyed and one of the tyres had been let down. 

This is a small disaster for my mother as she is a new driver and this is her second car and she has put her hard work into, so this is a huge shame. 

The worst thing was the way it was dealt with, my sister and my dad instantly come to blows over who did it, instead of focusing on the good things. 

I know, I sound crazy but really, the car is fine, no windows have been broken, the car hasn’t been stolen, all of the other tyres are ok, at most it’s a costly paint job. 

This was my reaction, to breath, to think clearly, to calmly assess the situation and think of the positives. 

So this is my thought of the day/night.. 

Try to find the positives, be calm and cool, and this in turn will help others deal with a stressful situation, just be. 

Namaste and goodnight ✨

Day 1 oracle reading 

 I asked for a card for this morning, something to represent day one of my oracle card challenge. This is the card I recieved. Peace. The message I received was ‘pure peace at this moment in time as everything starts to fall into place, let the bad fall away and let the good take its place in the spotlight. You deserve peace and it’s now here for you. Enjoy this feeling of abundance and peacefulness‘  ENJOY. 


My spiritual beginings

So my name is Jade, im 24 and I am a full on spiritual freak. but it hasn’t always been that way, ten years ago I was a little girl lost in the big world of the city! Now I’m a big girl trying to find my way through forests, hippies and crystals.

I own 11 decks of cards, some oracle, some lenormand and some tarot. I am constantly reading my cards, sometimes for others. It’s a skill I’m trying to develop.

I use crystals, feathers, sage, energy and a divine connection as well as my cards, to help heal people.

This is a blog about my life, coming out of the spiritual closet and embracing my spirit junkie nature!

Jade x